Lasertech is now implementing the "3 on the spot" measures with 38 on-site workers who must have got the negative PCR test after their registration. With an aim to create the best living conditions during their stay, the company has invested in more equipment and decent conditions for them to dine and rest. Workers would have temperature testing every day and the rapid diagnostic tests once every 3 days. 

Lasertech has registered for a QR code for their delivery vehicles. Therefore, they could implement contactless delivery for customers. Although roughly 60% of Lasertech’s suppliers have been closed, the company has prepared enough materials in advance. As for suppliers who do not have a QR code for their delivery vehicles, Lasertech would proactively go to their plants to pick up.

Now, the company continues to produce according to existing orders. Besides, due to the lack of suppliers, many key customers are placing new orders from Lasertech..

According to Mr. Le Hong Chuong, Managing Director of Lasertech: “This could be perceived as a great opportunity to invest and take the lead. Firstly, banks support enterprises in various forms. Secondly, our competitors are being significantly affected by the pandemic, so their production are likely to shrink. I expect that the market demand would increase dramatically after February 2022.”

Mr. Chuong also shared about the upcoming production plan: “Lasertech is upgrading to two milling and turning lines in the second quarter and to three lines in the third quarter of 2022. The company is also purchasing a 4-axis laser machine and opening an additional powder coating line in the new factory.”